Kia ora koutou,
Another hunch, another amazing opportunity to experience our heavenly surroundings on at an elevated level...
Traffic jams, wrong tides, perfect clouds, super clear atmospheric conditions and disappearing light. These things cause a certain degree of heightened senses when a photographer is on the move. Where should I go? What are the tides doing? How strong is the wind? Will there be any gaps in the clouds over west?
Sometimes all the elements come together, sometimes they don't. On this occasion I was feeling like this was a 89% on the success chart. This is when post production can do funny things... you get the time to sit with your images, to really get a chance to return to that fleeting moment, to slow it down, to reduce the vibration of energy and light to a halt, to breath slower and begin to evolve with the end result. A stark contrast to when you were mechanically capturing images as quickly as possible before that fleeting moment of light is gone.
So now I've begun to appreciate the dark brooding density of Manaia sitting prominently in the background. But while I was taking this photo I was very conscious that the photo was a failure because Manaia wasn't illuminated by the warm light that you see in the foreground.
The presence of time and the speed by which it happens is an amazing thing when one has the opportunity to slow it down.
Nga mihi